Symphony Overview

Symphony Orchestra

The Bloomfield Symphony Orchestra is one of the oldest of New Jersey’s 25 community orchestras, having performed its 1st concert in 1932 with its founder, Walter Kurkewicz conducting. Maestro Kurkewicz was succeeded by Louis Sutera in 1961 and Edward J. Napiwocki in 1964.Israel G. Herman, is in his 9th season as Musical Director and Conductor.

Community orchestras are amateur musical groups whose members come from the local community for the purpose of providing a high level of musical performance at a reasonable cost to the public. The BSO's personnel includes music teachers, college professors, doctors, engineers, scientists, social workers, psychologists, housewives/husbands, members of the corporate community, high school/college students, and a few professional musicians. In addition to providing local, affordable concerts of symphonic music for the community, our goal is to provide our members with an enriching and challenging musical activity.

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